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Updates from R Core:

  • as.data.frame() treats 1D arrays the same as vectors, PR#17570.
  • R CMD config knows the values of AR and RANLIB, often set for LTO builds.
  • runmed(x, *) when x contains missing values now works for algorithm="Stuetzle", also based on smoothEnds(y) working with NA’s, and no longer segfaults for the "Turlach" algorithm; reported by Hilmar Berger.
  • vcov(glm(<quasi>), dispersion = *) works correctly again, fixingPR#17571 thanks to Pavel Krivitsky.
  • stopifnot() gets new argument exprObject to allow an R object of class expression (or other ‘language’) to work more consistently, thanks to suggestions by Suharto Anggono.

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