R Weekly 2021-W32 Mobile-Friendly Shiny Apps, {gitlabr}, Reproducible R & Docker

This week’s release was curated by Ryo Nakagawara, with help from the R Weekly team members and contributors.



R in the Real World


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New Packages

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  • {OmicNavigator}: A tool for interactive exploration of the results from ‘omics’ experiments to facilitate novel discoveries from high-throughput biology

  • {bcputility} 0.1.0: Provides functions to utilize a command line utility that does bulk inserts and exports from SQL Server databases.

  • {bigrquery} 1.4.0: An interface to Google’s BigQuery from R.

  • {rbokeh} 0.5.2: R Interface for Bokeh.

  • {mcvis} 1.0.8: Multi-Collinearity Visualization.

  • {refineR} 1.0.0: Reference Interval Estimation using Real-World Data.

  • {handwriter} 1.0.0: Handwriting Analysis in R.

  • {edgebundle} 0.2.0: Algorithms for Bundling Edges in Networks and Visualizing Flow and Metro Maps.

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