R Weekly 2021-W50

This week’s release was curated by Batool Almarzouq, with help from the R Weekly team members and contributors.



Two circles that compare between minidown (which in turn requires rmarkdown and knitr, plus their aggregate dependencies) and simplermarkdown with its sole dependency. Inside each circle are the dependencies

R in the Real World

R in Organizations


This is shows the dependencies for packages used in GIS. Tracking the development mailing lists of the external software communities, can be sometimes overwhelming and code tidying in external software can have unexpected consequences, breaking not sf or sp with rgdal or rgeos, but a package further downstream

New Packages

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GitHub or Bitbucket

The Palettes inspired by works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, this image shows how the 1st Palette was derived from the Adoration of the Magi from Seven Scenes from the Life of Christ, 1390, Artists Unknown, Austrian

Updated Packages

Videos and Podcasts



A gif for R markdown files with snow falling

R Project Updates

Update from the R Contribution Working Group (RCWG):

  • Saranjeet Kaur has been awarded a grant in the The Digital Infrastructure Incubator at Code for Science & Society (https://incubator.codeforscience.org/cohort).
    • Project will build off of the R Development Guide to foster a sustainable community around it, likely through monthly “collaboration campfires” to work through open issues and develop tutorials.
  • Still considering planning a bug barbecue, likely in spring or summer 2022, possibly coordinating with useR.
  • We are looking for a few volunteers to help administer the R-devel slack and to communicate updates from the group. Contact Heather Turner if interested.

See the minutes for full details on these and other topics we discussed, and the RCWG repo README for information on how to get involved. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 20:00-21:00 UTC.

Upcoming Events in 3 Months

Events in 3 Months:

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