R Weekly 2022-W32

This week’s release was curated by Batool Almarzouq, with help from the R Weekly team members and contributors.



This is a screenshot for the landing page of RStudio Workbench. This landing page is deviided to two parts as it shows sessions at the left and projects on the right

This is an example of plot for protein alignments. it shows mutiple alignment of proteins which have non-silent snps incorporated

R in Organizations

R in Academia

This is a simple scatter plot showing how the slop can change because of one extreme outlier.


This is the logo for Awesome Quarto which is blue sunglassess wirth text says "Awesome Quarto"

the landing page of the Data Visualization Book which has Parrots at the cover

These are two heat maps (undefined with no labels), the one on the left is coloured whereas the one on the right is blue and white

New Packages

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Updated Packages

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This is a gif from the README showing the code of the package getting typed

a gif for wizard from cartoon

Videos and Podcasts

R Internationally


a screenshot for the landing page of the Shiny App which has a button to upload the database

this is a summary of 5 plots in one plot (the text isn't clear) but it meant to be a high-level summary of confessionals a showcase of the dataset and an analysis of the edit for key demographics

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core: R-devel NEWS

R Contribution Working Group Idea Incubator 2022 - Propose/discuss ideas for RCWG to work on in the next 12 months

Upcoming Events in 3 Months

Events in 3 Months:


Data Scientist - Apple Cloud


Quotes of the Week