R Weekly 2022-W36 Deciphering the ASD 50c coin, Palmer Penguins forever, rainclouds

This week’s release was curated by Miles McBain, with help from the R Weekly team members and contributors.


A plot of kmeans cluster membership applied to Palmer Penguins (Bill length and depth) alongside the same applied to Iris (Petal Width vs Petal Length). Palmer Penguins clusters are not as cleanly separated.

A raincloud plot depicting a satisfaction score (x) distribution by brand (y)and cat vs dog owners (colour and shape). Density plots form the 'cloud', while the individual observations shown jittered underneath are the 'rain'.


A time-series plot of New York City subway ridership, showing a forecast series, 'Prophet W/ XGBoost Errors', with increasing trend and strong seasonality. It predicts a return to pre-2020 levels by 2028-2029

R in the Real World

A Sankey diagram showing income decomposed into various categories (e.g. 'Care Expenses', 'Deduction', 'Financial Independence') and sub-categories (e.g. 'Social Justice', 'Food', 'Transportation', 'Investment', 'Real Estate').


New Packages

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{altdoc} 0.1.0: Use ‘Docsify.js’, ‘Docute’, or ‘Mkdocs’ to Generate a Package Documentation

{easystats} 0.5.2: Framework for Easy Statistical Modeling, Visualization, and Reporting

{PrettyCols}: Defines aesthetically pleasing colour palettes.

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Updated Packages

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New R-Universe Articles

  • {binman} Basics: An R package that allows the user to manage the downloading of third party binaries.

  • {autonewsmd}: Brings the power of conventional commit messages to the R community.

  • {tidyverse} Purrr <-> base R Introduction: Compares purrr’s functionals to their base R equivalents, focusing primarily on the map family and related functions

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Shiny Apps


A replica of the GitHub 'commit timeline' visualisation, with randomised daily commit activity.

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

R Contribution Working Group Idea Incubator 2022

  • Propose/discuss ideas for initiatives to encourage contribution to R via the RCWG issue tracker.

Upcoming Events in 3 Months

Events in 3 Months:

Grants & Funding

  • R Consortium ISC Call for Proposals - Infrastructure Steering Committee (ISC) grants for low-to-medium risk projects with a focused scope and likely to have a broad impact on the R Community. Deadline 2022-10-01.


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