Issue 15

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R packages for forecast combinations

ggtree for microbiome data

Dual axes


R in the Real World

Visualizing sort algorithms with ggplot2

What we spend: Consumer Expenditures in 2015

Recent economic and housing market trends: August 2016

Beneath the waves climate change puts marine life on the move

A Sentiment Analysis of Hamilton

Mapping Traffic Fatalities

R for Fun

R in Organization

Video and Podcast


New Releases

  • rmdformats - Material HTML rmarkdown format now on Github.


  • thesisdown - An updated R Markdown thesis template using the bookdown package.

  • rfoaas 1.1.0 - Access the most excellent FOAAS service from R.

  • quantmod 0.4-6 - Quantitative Financial Modelling & Trading Framework for R.

  • tibble 1.2.0 - tbl_df class that offers better checking and printing capabilities than traditional data frames.

  • RProtoBuf 0.4.5 - now with protobuf v2 and v3!

  • Rcpp 0.12.7 - more updates and bug fixes.

New Packages & Tools

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core.

  • There are new entry points R_MakeExternalPtrFn and R_ExternalPtrFn to facilitate creating and retrieving an R external pointer from a C function pointer without ISO C warnings about the conversion of function pointers.

  • abbreviate() gets option named = TRUE.

  • mccollect() now returns a named list (as documented) called with wait=FALSE.

  • citation() supports inst/CITATION files from package source trees, with lib.loc pointing to the directory containing the package.

  • R CMD build will now give priority to vignettes produced from files in the ‘vignettes’ directory over those in the inst/doc directory, with a warning that the latter are being ignored.

  • The unexported low-level functions in package parallel for passing serialized R objects to and from forked children now support long vectors on 64-bit platforms. This removes some limits on higher-level functions such as mclapply() (but returning gigabyte results from forked processes via serialization should be avoided if at all possible).

  • try() gains a new argument outFile with a default that can be modified via options(try.outFile = .), useful notably for Sweave.

  • The radix sort considers NA_real_ and NaN to be equivalent in rank (like the other sort algorithms).

  • When index.return=TRUE is passed to, the radix sort treats NAs like sort.list() does (like the other sort algorithms).

  • In integer arithmetic, NULL is now treated as integer(0) whereas it was previously treated as double(0).

Upcoming Events

  • EARL 2016 London 13 September - 15 September
    The primary focus of the Conference is the commercial usage of R across a range of industry sectors with the aim of sharing knowledge and applications of the language.

  • eRum 2016 Poznan, Poland 12 October - 14 October
    European R users meeting (eRum) is an international conference that aims at integrating users of the R language. eRum 2016 will be a good chance to exchange experiences, broaden knowledge on R and collaborate.

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