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Linear model with time series random component - 2015 post

R in the Real World

Improving Season on Season

The R Packages of UseR! 2016

Germany most likely to win Euro 2016

Using Statcast Data to Predict Hits

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New Releases

New Packages & Tools

  • geojsonlint - Tools for Validating GeoJSON.

  • githubinstall - a more helpful way to install or query R packages hosted on GitHub.

  • lazyrmd - make the R Markdown-generated html faster by lazily loading htmlwidgets plots.

  • xda - Introducing xda: R package for exploratory data analysis.

  • listviewer - R htmlwidget to view lists.

  • assertr - Assertive programming for R analysis pipelines.

  • SnakeCharmR - A modern #rstats package that allows you to call Python code from R .

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core.

  • sessionInfo() has been updated for Apple’s change in OS naming as from 10.12 (macOS Sierra).

  • toLatex() method now includes the running component.

  • as<-() avoids an infinite loop when a virtual class is interposed between a subclass and an actual superclass.

  • Fix level propagation in unlist() when the list contains zero-length lists or factors.

  • Fix S3 dispatch on S4 objects when the methods package is not attached.

  • Internal S4 dispatch sets .Generic in the method frame for consistency with standardGeneric() (PR#16929).

  • Fix order(x, decreasing=TRUE) when x is an integer vector containing MAX_INT. Ported from a fix Matt Dowle made to ‘data.table’.

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Twitter @ Urban Demographics

Unintentionally creating abstract art in #rstats #ggplot2 If I fail my PhD, I’ll try to sell my plots to an art gal.