R Weekly 2022-W13

This week’s release was curated by Ryo and Batool, with help from the R Weekly team members and contributors.


We are resuming RWeekly after three months of hiatus :tada: due to the problems, we are experiencing with our infrastructure. For that reason, we apologise as we can’t accept posts by RSS feed in the next few months. We can only get submission through PRs in our GitHub repository or using @rweekly_submit in Twitter.

If you have a problem submitting any content, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to one of our team members. Thank you for being so patient!



An example plot from teh article showing density matrices. This plot type was referred to as ridgeline matrix when plotting multiple density plots for a metric variable. age and period are depicted on the x- and y-axis, respectively, and cohort on the diagonals

A screenshot with useR! information dashboard which shows the globe in the main page

A complex image for the world map showing the big mac index for 10 countries with crowded text. The lesson tries to show is ggforce can be used to increase resolution of the text and make it less crowded

A screenshot for the landing page showing the new tab for R Universe

R in the Real World

Most popular Animal Crossing characters

A plot showing COVID-19 death after and before universal adult vaccine eligibility in white, hispanic, black and asian.

R in Academia


This is a gif showing how to clean up messy code with the styler addin by clicking on styler from addin menu

New Packages

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Updated Packages


Videos and Podcasts

Shiny Apps

R Internationally


A voronoi diagrams which is constructed from a set of “center points” which are used to form polygons such that these fill the whole plane and each polygons consists of the points that are closest to a polygon’s center point

a diagrame showing what is automatic differentiation which is an algorithmic calculation of derivatives of a function defined as a computer program by repeated application of the chain rule

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

Update from the R Contribution Working Group (RCWG):

  • The R Contribution Site has moved to
  • Our Twitter account is now active:
  • Our repos are now part of the R-Devel GitHub organization, bringing together community resources related to the development of R.
  • We are planning a series of Collaboration Campfires for newcomers to learn more about contributing to R and to work collaboratively on activities.

Vist the RCWG repo to find the minutes for further details on these and other topics we discussed, and see the repo README for information on how to get involved. Our next meeting will be Friday, February 18, 2022, 15:00-16:00 UTC.

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