R Weekly 2020-44 {emphatic}, American political data, data science teaching

Release Date: 2020-11-01

This week’s release was curated by Tony ElHabr, with help from the RWeekly team members and contributors.



R in the Real World

Histograms of Age Distribution of American Political Party Voters

Regional trend charts of house price trends in the US

R in Organizations

R in Academia


New Packages

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GitHub or Bitbucket

  • {emphatic}: Augments the output of data.frames and matrices in R by adding user-defined ANSI highlighting.

Emphatic package applied to add color to volcano table

  • {betweenthepipes}: This package hosts tutorials (created with the learnr package) and sample data sets that are designed to facilitate learning the tidyverse with hockey data.
  • {Spectre}: A computational toolkit in R for the integration, exploration, and analysis of high-dimensional single-cell cytometry data.
  • {poweRof10}: Tools to access data from athletics rankings website
  • {epifitter}: An R package for analysis and simulation of plant disease progress curves.

  • {report}: Automated reporting of objects in R.
  • {OregonTrail}: Port of the 1978 ‘Oregon Trail’ history game

Updated Packages

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R Internationally


Example network plot made with R

Scatter plot of mean and standard deviation of simulated data for emulating ordinal data

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