R Weekly 2020-09 ggplot2 Tutorials, R + Docker, Finding Causation


R in the Real World

An extremely thorough introduction into a difficult but valuable technique to learn

BMI has an expectations management problem

R in Organizations

A two-part post that I found helpful in stating clearly what nebulous data-science-esque job ads are asking for

Videos and Podcasts


Coming up to the 4th anniversary of using R, I enjoy reading about the history of the language that I did not experience. This post does this well, balancing the changes in the language itself, and the usage of R over the past 20 years since its 1.0.0 release

Most blogs on RWeekly so the development of code towards a final goal so I enjoyed this one that mostly focused on the human side of building a Shiny app. As a result, the app itself also seems extremely well designed for human users

R in Academia

New Packages

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Incredibly clearly explained and visualised post on Bayesian technqieus using both brms and Stan

Another comprehensive guide to lesser-explained techniques, this time in understanding causal effects

In this notebook run Monte Carlo simulations to estimate the volume of the d-dimensional ball.

Possibly the most complete guide to geoms there is. Extremely extensive and well organised

A really neat solution especially of use to people wanting to blog about their work but limited by privacy concerns

A New Baby Boom Poster

International R

Probabilidades de pasar la fase de grupos en Copa Libertadores 2020

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Updates from R Core:

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Events in 3 Months:

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