R Weekly 2019-11 R 3.5.3, R Consortium, chirunconf



R in the Real World

World population growth through time

R in Organizations


  • Unconference Toolbox - Just about everything you need to host your own unconference. Created at the 2019 Chicago R Unconference

New Packages

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  • ggasym - Asymmetric Matrix Plotting in ‘ggplot2’


  • leafpm - Leaflet Map Plugin for Drawing and Editing

  • waiter - Loading Screen for ‘Shiny’

  • yum - Utilities to Extract and Process YAML Fragments

  • rbin - a set of tools for binning/discretization of data

GitHub or Bitbucket

  • footrulr - Compare sentences using Machine Translation and Text Summarization evaluation metrics

  • brickr - 3D LEGO models and mosaics from images using R and tidyverse


Updated Packages

  • sparklyr 1.0: Apache Arrow, XGBoost, Broom and TFRecords]

Videos and Podcasts


A case study for Branch Network Optimization, using R as a GIS tool.

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

Upcoming Events in 3 Months

Events in 3 Months:

More past events at R conferences & meetups.

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