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Tabs, spaces and your salary - how is it really?

R in the Real World

State-space modelling of the Australian 2007 federal election

Visualizing a Reddit Hug Of Death With R: How To Reddit-Proof Your Website For Pocket Change

R⁶ — Disproving Approval

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R in Organizations


New Packages

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R Internationally


Analytics Administration for R

Plotting partial pooling in mixed-effects models

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • print.noquote(x) now always returns its argument x (invisibly).

  • Fix for legend() when fill has multiple values, first of which is NA (all colours then defaulted to par(fg)). (PR#17288)

  • The documentation for installed.packages(noCache = TRUE) incorrectly claimed it would refresh the cache.

  • installed.packages() did not remove the cached value for a library tree that had been emptied (but would not use the old value, just waste time checking it).

  • available.packages() has two new arguments which control if the values from the per-session repository cache are used (default true, as before) and if so how old cached values can be to be used (default one hour).

  • These arguments can be passed from install.packages(), update.packages() and functions calling that: to enable this available.packages(), packageStatus() and download.file() gain a ... argument.

  • packageStatus()’s upgrade() method no longer ignores its ... argument but passes it to install.packages().

  • installed.packages() gains a ... argument to allow arguments (including noCache) to be passed from new.packages(), old.packages(), update.packages() and packageStatus().

  • Non-UTF-8 multibyte character sets were not handled properly in source references. (PR#16732)

  • aggregate(<data.frame>) no longer uses spurious names in some cases. (PR#17283)

Upcoming Events

  • angletR 2017 June 28 - 30, 2017
    angletR aims to provide a national forum to exchange and share ideas on the use of R in different subjects such as visualisation, applied statistics, biostatistics and bioinformatics, Bayesian statistics, data analysis, Big Data, modelling, machine learning, high performance computing, etc.

  • useR! 2017 July 4, 2017
    The annual useR! conference is the main meeting of the international R user and developer community.

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