R Weekly 2017 Issue 3


Live in rstudio::conf 2017


Simulation of empirical Bayesian methods (using baseball statistics)

Random Forest Classification of Mushrooms

Plot Colour Helper – Finally an easy way to pick colours for your R plots!


Rcpp now used by 900 CRAN packages

R in the Real World

What can we learn from StackOverflow data?

How Stack Overflow plans to survive the next DNS attack - Server Fault Blog

R in Organization

Videos and Podcasts


New Packages and Tools

New Releases

DiagrammeR 0.9

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • The format() and print() methods for object.size() results get new options standard and digits; notably, standard = "IEC" and standard = "SI" allow more standard abbreviations than the default ones, e.g., for kilo bytes. From contributions by Henrik Bengtsson.

  • The order of flags when LinkingTo other packages has been changed so their include directories come earlier, before those specified in CPPFLAGS. This will only have an effect if non-system include directories are included with -I flags in CPPFLAGS (and so not the default -I/usr/local/include on most platforms).

  • now tries to extract an email address from a BugReports field, and if there is none, from a Contacts field.

  • R CMD check now checks any BugReports field to be non-empty and a suitable single URL.

  • did not do any validity checking on a package’s BugReports field. It now ignores an empty field, removes leading whitespace and only attempts to open http:// and https:// URLs, falling back to emailing the maintainer.

  • findMethod failed if the active signature had expanded beyond what a particular package used. (Example with packages XR and XRJulia on CRAN).

  • On some systems, very small hexadecimal numbers in hex notation would underflow to zero. (PR#17199)

  • (Windows only) dir.create() did not check the length of the path to create, and so could overflow a buffer and crash R. (PR#17206)

  • Environmental variable _R_CHECK_TESTS_NLINES_ controls how R CMD check reports failing tests (see §8 of the R Internals manual).

Call for Participation

Upcoming Events

  • SatRday #2 Conference - Cape Town, South Africa 18 Feb, 2017
    The R community and some of South Africa’s most forward thinking companies have come together to bring satRday to Cape Town. This conference brings an opportunity to hear from and network with top Researchers, Data Scientists and Developers from all over the country and the world.

  • useR! 2017 July 4, 2017
    The annual useR! conference is the main meeting of the international R user and developer community. Its program consists of both invited and user-contributed presentations.

Quotes of the Week