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How to add a background image to ggplot2 graphs

R in the Real World

  • R from the future - RStudio’s Lionel Henry gives his ideas for the future of R syntax
test_that("new syntax works") {

   data <- list(mtcars, 1, 2, list(3, mtcars, 4))
   expected <- lapply(data, function(x) is.list(x) || is.double(x))

   mtcars |>
     [1, 2, [3, _, 4]] |>
     map([x] -> is.list(x) || is.double(x)) |>


Searches for "iPhone slow" make huge spikes right after every new iPhone release

Wealth Distribution in the Online Game - EVE

How to create crime maps of Mexico City

ggmail + forecast = how many emails I will get tomorrow?

R in Organization

R in Academia


New Releases

  • RStudio 1.0 - 10th major release since the initial launch in February 2011.

  • rbokeh 0.5.0 - Plotting library based on BokehJS.

  • RProtoBuf 0.4.7 - The RProtobuf package provides R with facilities to use Google Protocol Buffers files and messages.

  • drat 0.1.2 - drat stands for drat R Archive Template, and helps with easy-to-create and easy-to-use repositories for R packages.

  • ShinyProxy 0.6.0 - ShinyProxy is a novel, open source platform to deploy Shiny apps for the enterprise or larger organizations.

  • NIMBLE - NIMBLE package for hierarchical modeling (MCMC and more) faster and more flexible.

New Packages & Tools

  • mapmate - The mapmate package is used for map- and globe-based data animation pre-production.



  • glmnetUtils - Quality of life enhancements for elastic net regression with glmnet

  • foghorn - R package to summarize CRAN Check Results in the Terminal.


  • rgeoapi - a package to access the French GeoAPI, now on CRAN.

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core.

  • rep(x, times) and, times) now both work also when times is larger than the maximal integer.

  • vapply(x, *) now works with long vectors x.

  • isS3method("") and similar are correct now.

  • unix.time(), a traditional synonym for system.time(), has been deprecated.

  • grepRaw(<long>, <short>, fixed = TRUE) now works, thanks to a patch by Mikko Korpela.

  • R CMD check --no-stop-on-error now continues running tests even if they give (normal) errors.

Upcoming Events

  • rstudio::conf 2017 January 13 and 14, 2017
    The conference about all things R and RStudio.

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