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Hello and welcome to the new issue of R Weekly!

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New Packages & Tools

  • feather on CRAN - Read and write feather files, a lightweight binary columnar data store designed for maximum speed.

  • largeVis - High-Quality Visualizations of Ultra-Large, High-Dimensional Datasets.


  • ggnet2 - Network Visualization with ggplot2.


  • roll on CRAN - Parallel functions for computing rolling statistics of time-series data.

  • rfmt - Google R source code formatter with Python.

  • tmap - R package for thematic maps.


  • surveyplanning - Tools for sample survey planning, including sample size calculation, estimation of expected precision for the estimates of totals, and calculation of optimal sample size allocation.

  • tidytext - Text mining using dplyr, ggplot2, and other tidy tools.

  • crtests - Classification and Regression Tests.

  • recommenderlab - Lab for Developing and Testing Recommender Algorithms. The Author of arules.

  • bastah on CRAN - Big Data Statistical Analysis for High-Dimensional Models.

  • weathermetrics on CRAN - Functions to Convert Between Weather Metrics.

  • tweenr - Interpolate your data between different states.

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core.

  1. identical() gets an ignore.srcref option which drops "srcref" and similar attributes when true (as by default).

  2. diag(x, n=.) now preserves typeof(x), also for logical, integer and raw x (and as previously for complex and numeric).

  3. diag(x, nrow = n) now preserves typeof(x), also for logical, integer and raw x (and as previously for complex and numeric).

  4. smooth.spline() now allows to specify lambda directly, gets a hatvalues() method and keeps tol in result.

  5. str() and strOptions() get a new option drop.deparse.attr with improved but changed default behaviour for expressions. For expression objects x, str(x) now may remove extraneous white space and truncate long lines.

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A beginner’s guide to big data terminology

R is a horribly named programming language that works with statistical computing.