Issue 5

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Turn any string into a color with xkcdcolor package.

R in the Real World

How You Will Die

Exploring Global Internet Performance Data Using R

Exploring Global Internet Performance Data Using R

Using Amazon's X-Ray to Visualize Characters' Screen Time

R in Organization

R in Academia

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New Releases

New Packages & Tools

  • p-hacker - Train your p-hacking skills!

  • MonetDBLite for R on Github

  • fuzzr - simple fuzz testing for R functions.

  • ffanalytics - The R Package for Fantasy Football Data Analysis.

  • reach - R <-> Matlab interoperability.

  • reactR - A set of convenience function with local dependencies for using React.js in R.

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core.

  • Installation support for readline emulations based on editline (aka libedit) is deprecated.

  • pretty(d, ..) for date-time d rarely failed when "halfmonth" time steps were tried (PR#16923) and on inaccurate platforms such as 32-bit Windows or a configuration with --disable-long-double.

  • The check for non-portable flags in R CMD check could be stymied by src/Makevars.

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Quote of the Week

Twitter @ Jim Hester

All R releases are named after peanuts quotes, 3.3.1 released today is “Bug in Your Hair”

Twitter @ Daniel Emaasit

#Rstats users traveling to @useR_Stanford might get second thoughts. 😂😂

Twitter @ Daniel Emaasit