Issue 2

Hello and welcome to the new issue of R Weekly!

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Images as x-axis labels

Trisurf Plots in R using Plotly

QGIS, Open Source GIS & R

Visualizing Bootrapped Stepwise Regression in R using Plotly

Intro To Raster

Visualising Power Curves in R

R in the Real World

Happy New Year, Mr. President. Data and Sentiment Analysis of Presidential New Year Speeches

R in Academia

  • How Many Researchers? - How many scientists, or more specifically how many principal investigators, does NIH fund? And how many scientists (more specifically aspiring principal investigators) want to receive NIH funding?

  • R – the ultimate virus - Ross Ihaka on how a simple programming language he helped develop to assist students went global.

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R Project Updates

Updates from R Core.

  • (Windows only) Tcl/Tk version 8.6.4 is now included in the binary builds. The tcltk*.chm help file is no longer included; please use URL: instead.

  • Illegal factors, e.g., with duplicated levels (illegal but constructable) now give a warning when printed, via new .valid.factor.

  • str(<looooooooong_string>) is no longer very slow; inspired by Mikko Korpela’s proposal in PR#16527.

  • After seven years of deprecation, duplicated factor levels now produce an error in levels<- instead of a warning, and a warning when printed.

  • New option rstandard(<lm>, type = "predicted") provides the “PRESS”-related leave-one-out cross-validation errors for linear models.

  • addNA() is faster now, e.g., when applied twice PR#16895.

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Quote of the Week

R – the ultimate virus

R changed my opinion of humanity to some extent, to see how people are really willing to freely give of themselves and produce something larger than themselves without any thought of personal glory.

Twitter @ Hadley Wickham

An NA is the presence of an absence. Don’t forget that some missing values are the absence of a presence #rstats