R Weekly 2017-52 Christmas, 🎄, Review


R in the Real World

ASA Police Data Challenge student visualization contest winners

Mining Game of Thrones Scripts with R

Conference Cost


Looking Back on 2017

R in Organizations

 R in Academia

New Packages

📦 Go Live for More New Pkgs 📦

  • swatches - Read, Inspect, and Manipulate Color Swatch Files


Package Releases

R Internationally

  • Brazil R Day - National Meeting of R users is an event to congregate users and developers of R in an environment for exchange of experiences, learning and contacts.



Higher-order geometry differences and intersections

Make your own color palettes with paletti

Gist & Cookbook

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • ar.yw(x) and hence by default ar(x) now work when x has NAs, mostly thanks to a patch by Pavel Krivitsky in PR#17366. The ar.yw.default()’s AIC computations have become more efficient by using determinant().

  • The default version for save(), saveRDS(), serialize() and similar has been changed to 3. Objects saved with version 3 are not readable by eariier versions of R.

  • tools::resaveRdaFiles() gains a version argument, for use when packages should remain compatible with earlier versions of R.

  • write.dcf() gets optional argument useBytes.

  • New function packageDate() which tries to get a valid “Date” object from a package DESCRIPTION file, thanks to suggestions.

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