R Weekly 2017-51 Workflow, Epidemics, Mappers



R in the Real World

Philippines Dengvaxia Vaccine Scam

Vince Guaraldi’s Music from "A Charlie Brown Christmas", A Festive Analysis

 R in Academia

Monitoring hybrid open access with Crossref and oa-intact metadata

Data acquisition in R (3/4): Demographic data sources

New Packages

  • BRRR - Rap adlibs in R.

  • nipals - Principal components via Nonlinear Partial Least Squares.

  • snowflakes - Random Snowflake Generator

  • cablecuttr - An R wrapper for CanIStream.It API

Package Releases

europepmc 0.2

R Internationally



What the SATs Taught Us about Finding the Perfect Fit

Introduction to Skewness

Gist & Cookbook

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • removeSource() no longer erroneously removes ‘NULL’ in certain cases.

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