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R in the Real World

Visualising text data w/ ggplot2

Videos and Podcasts


R in Organizations

Bake R cookies with this cookie cutter

Β R in Academia

New Packages

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  • ruler - Rule Your Data with Tidy Data Validation Reports

  • datapasta - R Tools for Data Copy-Pasta


  • Rokemon - Pokemon themed R package

  • foghorn - πŸ“’Β πŸš’Β R package to summarize CRAN Check Results in the Terminal

  • patchwork - The Composer of ggplots

  • geniusr - interface to the Genius API (songs lyrics)

  • PlackettLuce - Estimate the worth of items based on rankings data. Movies, puddings & more!

  • togglr - an R and Rstudio wrapper for toggl API (time tracking)

  • jmv - one R package (not just) for the social sciences

  • ipumsr - Integrating IPUMS Data with R

  • walmartAPI, Walmart Open API wrapper

Package Releases


A quick look at Bechdel test data (& an awtools update)

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • The version of LAPACK included in the sources has been updated to 3.8.0 (for the routines used by R a very minor bug-fix change).

  • Sys.timezone() is now used to find the system timezone to pass to the code used when R is configured with --with-internal-tzcode.

  • power.prop.test() now warns when it cannot solve the problem, typically because of impossible constraints. (PR#17345)

  • Sys.timezone(location = FALSE) is defunct, and is ignored (with a warning).

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