R Weekly 2018-28 ggplot2, Factfulness


New Packages

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Package Releases

  • ggplot2 3.0.0 - Create Elegant Data Visualisations Using the Grammar of Graphics

  • styler 1.0.2 - Non-invasive pretty printing of R code

  • tikzDevice 0.12 - R Graphics Output in LaTeX Format has a new home

  • nanotime 0.2.1 - nanotime uses the RcppCCTZ package for (efficient) high(er) resolution time parsing and formatting up to nanosecond resolution

  • seplyr 0.5.8 - Improved Standard Evaluation Interfaces for Common Data Manipulation Tasks

  • anytime 0.3.1 - Convert anything in integer, numeric, character, factor, ordered format to either POSIXct or Date objects


R in the Real World

Recreating (more) data visualizations from the book “Knowledge is Beautiful”: Part III

Elo and EloBeta models in snooker

Visualizing macOS App Usage with a Little Help from osqueryr & mactheknife

R in Organizations

R Internationally

Faire des cartogrammes avec R


Factfulness: Building Gapminder Income Mountains

Visualizing the World Cup with R: Part 2 - How the Group Tables Evolved During the Final Matchday!

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