R Weekly 2018-28 Tidyverse, R Markdown, Docker


New Packages

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  • muHVT - Constructing Hierarchical Voronoi Tessellations and Overlay Heatmap for Data Analysis

  • phylogram - dendrograms for evolutionary analysis

phylogram: dendrograms for evolutionary analysis

Package Releases

Example `searcher` usage

  • cetcolor 0.2.0 - Perceptually Uniform Color Maps with Support for Colour Blind Users and Short Names

cetcolor's 56 colour maps


R in the Real World

World Income, Inequality and Murder


Videos and Podcasts

  • SuperDataScience171 - Deep dive into R Programming & R Studio. In this episode, Kirill chatted with the Director of Solutions Engineering for RStudio, Nathan Stephens about analytics infrastructure & how this can be used in the data lab and the production environment.

R in Organizations

R Internationally


How the odds ratio confounds: a brief study in a few colorful figures

Ikeda map (fractal)

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