R Weekly 2018-5 Interview, DataFramed


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R in the Real World

The game is afoot! Topic modeling of Sherlock Holmes stories


Ecology Hackathon at Ecology Across Borders 2017

 R in Academia

New Packages

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GitHub only

  • knitrProgressBar - Provides a progress bar that can write to a variety of locations, including stdout, stderr, or a file. Useful when using knitr or rmarkdown::render and you still want to see progress of calculations in the terminal.

Package Releases

  • listenv 0.7.0 - List environments are environments that have list-like properties. Now with copy-free dropping of elements and convient setup of listenv matrices and arrays.

  • srvyr 0.3.0 - srvyr is a wrapper around the survey package that lets you analyze complex survey data using dplyr’s grammar. It’s been updated to use dplyr’s new non-standard evaluation style and have faster and less buggy database support.

  • cleanNLP 2.0.3 - cleanNLP is designed to make it as painless as possible to turn raw text into feature-rich data frames. The updated version includes a new backend (udpipe) for part of speech tags and parsing with no external dependencies. See the cleanNLP 2.0: Quickstart Guide for more details.

  • Rcpp 0.12.15 - Numerous tweaks and enhancements

  • Rblpapi 0.3.8 - Rblpapi provides a direct interface between R and the Bloomberg Terminal

  • vtreat 1.0.2 - A Statistically Sound ‘data.frame’ Processor/Conditioner

  • prrd 0.0.2 - Parallel Running [of] Reverse Depends


R Internationally


Analyse #trend Twitter Data With rtweet Package from R

The ggplot2 categorical variable

Cartographic Explorations of the OpenStreetMap Database with R

Some datasets for teaching data science

Gist & Cookbook

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • parallel::detectCores(logical = FALSE) should be more reliable on multi-CPU Linux systems, especially with virtualized OSes.

  • is.na(NULL) no longer warns. (PR#16107)

  • By default, packages are now byte-compiled on installation.

  • POSIXt objects can now also be rounded or truncated to month or year.

  • stopIfnot() is a new alternative to stopifnot(), nicer to use when testing several expressions in one call.

  • By default, packages are now byte-compiled on installation.

  • configure will use pkg-config to find the flags to link to jpeg if available (as it should be for the recently-released jpeg-9c and libjpeg-turbo). (This amends the code added in R 3.3.0 as the module name in jpeg-9c is not what that tested for.)

Upcoming Events

  • rOpenSci Community Call - Writing Packages to Support Research Communities - zoon & greta January 30th (January 31 for Australia)

  • RStudio conf 2018 January 31 to February 3
    rstudio::conf is about all things R and RStudio!

  • satRday Cape Town 2018 March 17
    satRday Cape Town

More past events at R conferences & meetups.


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