R Weekly 2018-4 First Package, Whole Game, Imposterism



Imposter Syndrome in Data Science

R in the Real World

Bitcoin (World Map) Bubbles

Exploring Global Trends in Tuberculosis Incidence Rates - with `GetTBinR`

Nylon Calculus: How have team offensive play types changed?

R in Organizations

 R in Academia

New Packages

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  • tinytex - A lightweight, cross-platform, portable, and easy-to-maintain LaTeX distribution based on TeX Live

  • future.apply - Apply Function to Elements in Parallel using Futures. Use future_lapply() and future_sapply() to lapply() and sapply() sequentially, in parallel, distributed on local/remote cluster, via HPC scheduler, using the exact same R code everywhere. Works on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

  • greta - Simple and scalable statistical modelling in R.


  • palmtree - Partially Additive (Generalized) Linear Model Trees

  • model4you - Stratified and Personalised Models Based on Model-Based Trees and Forests

  • MCMCvis - Check your prior posterior overlap (PPO) – MCMC wrangling in R made easy

GitHub only

  • adventr - an R package for An Adventure in Statistics

  • offensiveR - R package that checks for offensive words in texts and documents

  • cividis - Implementation of the Matplolib ‘viridis’ color map in R.


  • read.so - Read Tables from Stack Overlow Questions into R.

  • qualtRics - Download qualtrics survey data directly into R!

  • markovifyR - Markovify wrapper for R.

Package Releases

  • opencage 0.1.4: Tool for accessing the OpenCage API, which provides forward geocoding (from placename to longitude and latitude) and reverse geocoding (from longitude and latitude to placename).

  • bcmaps 0.17.0 - New open data layer, British Columbia cities & other improvements.

  • text2vec 0.5.1 - Fast vectorization, topic modeling, distances and GloVe word embeddings in R

  • RcppMsgPack 0.2.1 - MsgPack Headers for R

  • digest 0.6.14 - digest provides hash function summaries for GNU R objects

  • Microsoft R Open 3.4.3

Videos and Podcasts

  • Whole game - Briefly showing the “whole game” of data analysis.


R Internationally

Taxis en Buenos Aires: mapas claros y negocios turbios


Create World Pixel Maps in R

How we made that net neutrality clickstream diagram

Base R can be Fast

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • aggregate(<data.frame>, drop=FALSE) no longer calls the function on parts, and rather sets corresponding results to `NA`.

  • mclapply(X, mc.cores) now follows its documentation and calls lapply() in case mc.cores = 1 also in the case mc.preschedule is false.

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