R Weekly 2018-51 pdftools, remedy


  • pdftools 2.0 - powerful pdf text extraction tools

  • remedy - Package for easier Markdown writing


transformr: Age of Spatial

R in the Real World

Visualizing Hurricane Data with Shiny

Draw maps like paintings


New Packages

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GitHub or Bitbucket

  • Rlandsat - R Package for Landsat 8 Data

  • understatran - R package to make getting tidy data from understat simple and fast

  • RQuantLib 0.4.7 - Now with corrected Windows library

Updated Packages


  • A New Stereoscopic MountSpectacular: We implement a 3D pipeline using base R functionality only, and use it to generate analygraphs and stereograms of the much beloved volcano.

Volcano Analygraph

Confidence intervals for GLMs

Code for case study - Customer Churn with Keras/TensorFlow and H2O

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