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R in the Real World

Into the Unknown: Mining and visualizing STARSET song lyrics

Exploratory & sentiment analysis of beer tweets from Untappd on Twitter


R in Organizations

New Packages

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  • dirichletprocess - building flexible Dirichlet process objects to model data in a nonparametric Bayesian framework.

GitHub only

  • flagfillr - Use flags of countries and states as ‘fills’ in ggplot2 maps.


  • getDDD - Download defined daily dose (DDD) information for selected ATC codes from the website of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology (www.whocc.no)

  • dater - Implements and RStudio AddIn to insert the current date into a document

Package Releases


R Internationally


TensorFlow for R


Introduction to GIS with R

Gist & Cookbook

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • The environment variable R_MAX_VZISE can now be used to specify the maximal vector heap size. On macOS, unless specified by this environment variable, the maximal vector heap size is set to the maximum on 16GB and the available physical memory. This is to avoid having the R process killed when macOS over-commits memory.

  • methods:::bind_activation() is defunct now; it typically has been unneeded for years.

  • the undocumented “hidden” .__H__.cbind and .__H__.rbind are deprecated, correspondingly.

  • sum(x) and sum(x1,x2,..,x<N>) with many or long logical and integer vectors no longer overflows (and returns NA with a warning), but returns double numbers now in such cases.

  • Single components of POSIXlt objects can now be extracted and replaced via [ indexing with 2 indices.

  • S3 method lookup now searches the namespace registry after the top level environment of the calling environment.

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