R Weekly 2019-05 BBC, Arduino

Release Date: 2019-02-04



RStudio Package Manager

Hurricane coverage

R in the Real World

Graphing My Daily Phone Use

Connecting Arduino Chips with R

R in Organizations

BBC Visual and Data Journalism


New Packages

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  • ruimtehol - Neural Text Modelling with R package ruimtehol


  • readsdmx - read SDMX data into dataframe objects

  • vegawidget - render Vega-Lite and Vega specifications as htmlwidgets

  • recogeo - reconcile changing geographies boundaries (and corresponding variables)


GitHub or Bitbucket

  • politicaldata - acquiring and analyzing political data

  • tidylog - feedback for basic dplyr operations

  • arduinor - An easy way to get arduino data into R


Updated Packages


Comedies get higher ratings than action movies

10 Tips for Choosing the Optimal Number of Clusters

Simulating a GARCH process

Fast Static Maps Built with R

Bundled gather and spread

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core

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