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R Conference Costs v2.0

R in the Real World

Which planet is closest to Earth?

Climate change: Modeling 140+ years of temperature data with tsibble and fable

R in Organizations


New Packages

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  • stringfix - string manipulation in a %>% way

  • isoband - R package to generate contour lines and polygons

Updated Packages

  • future 1.11.0 - Unified Parallel and Distributed Processing in R for Everyone

  • getTBinR - Get WHO Tuberculosis Data (now with country level TB reports).

Render a country specific Tuberculosis report

Videos and Podcasts


Exploring the hidden beauty of multiplication table

ggstraw::geom_straw() is a custom ggplot2 geom for showing deviations

GeoPAT2: Entropy calculations


Data exploration with alluvial plots - An introduction to easyalluvial

R Project Updates

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Events in 3 Months:

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