R Weekly 2019-20 stringr, reproducible research, redoc

Release Date: 2019-05-20



R in the Real World

R in Organizations

cover of rOpenSci dev guide, showing a package production line with small humans discussing, examining and promoting packages

R in Academia


New Packages

📦 Go Live for More New Pkgs 📦


  • vaultr for storing and interacting with secrets and sensitive data using HashiCorp’s Vault

  • rdoc colourised R docs in the terminal

screenshot of use of rdoc, colourised R docs in the terminal

GitHub or Bitbucket

Parks and recreation theme from tvthemes

Updated Packages


The small multiples plot: how to combine ggplot2 plots with one shared axis

The Evolution of a ggplot (Ep. 1)

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

Upcoming Events in 3 Months

Events in 3 Months:

More past events at R conferences & meetups.

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