R Weekly 2020-07 Code Generation, TidyDevDay, Open Health Analytics


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Recreate a FiveThirtyEight Chicklet Stacked Bar Chart in ggplot2

R in the Real World

Machine Learning (XGBoost) Time-Series Classification Trading Strategy

Making wall art with OpenStreetMap data using `{osmdata}` and `{ggplot2)`

R in Organizations


New Packages

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  • themis - implements a collection of new steps for the recipes package to deal with unbalanced data

  • unheadr - Handle Data with Messy Header Rows and Broken Values

  • slider - slider provides a family of general purpose sliding window functions

  • RcppSimdJson - Rcpp Bindings for the simdjson Header Library

GitHub or Bitbucket

Blurry Point Geom for ggplot2

Updated Packages

R Internationally


RStudio 1.3 Preview: Real Time Spellchecking

NHSRdatasets meets runcharter

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