R Weekly 2020-51 targetopia, JSON data, {ggrepel}

Release Date: 2020-12-21

This week’s release was curated by Ryo Nakagawara, with help from the RWeekly team members and contributors.



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New Packages

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  • {postcards} 0.1.0: Create simple, beautiful personal websites and landing pages using only R Markdown.


  • {potential} 0.1.0: Implementation of the Potential Model.

  • {shinyfullscreen} 1.0.0: Put any HTML elements in fullscreen in Shiny apps.

  • {readrba} 0.1.0: Download tidy data from the Reserve Bank of Australia.

  • {shinyfullscreen} 1.0.0: Display ‘HTML’ Elements on Full Screen in ‘Shiny’ Apps.

  • {brolgar} 0.1.0: Browse Over Longitudinal Data Graphically and Analytically in R.

  • {dataReporter} 1.0.0: Reproducible Data Screening Checks and Report of Possible Errors.

  • {webfakes} 1.1.1: Fake Web Apps for HTTP Testing

GitHub or Bitbucket

  • {ggambit} 0.1.0: Visualise FEN chess positions with ggplot2.

  • {tabnet} 0.0.1: An R implementation of TabNet.

  • {prompter} Implementation of “Hint.css” to create tooltips in Shiny apps.

  • {proceduralnames} 0.1.0: Several Methods for Procedural Name Generation.

  • {edgebundle} R package implementing edge bundling algorithms.

  • {stockfish} An R package to analyze chess games with the Stockfish engine.

  • {cjpowR} 1.0.0: A Priori Power Analyses for Conjoint Experiments.

Updated Packages

  • {tinytest} 1.2.4: light weight, dependency free unit testing.

screenshot of tinytest, testing tinytest

  • {nomnoml} 0.2.3: A tool for drawing sassy ‘UML’ diagrams based on a simple syntax.

  • {PRDA} 1.0.0: Conduct a Prospective or Retrospective Design Analysis.

  • {DataEditR} 0.0.9: An Interactive Editor for Viewing, Entering, Filtering & Editing Data.

  • {sfnetworks} 0.4.0: Tidy Geospatial Networks in R.

  • {osrm} 3.4.0: Interface Between R and the OpenStreetMap-Based Routing Service OSRM.

  • {testthat} 3.0.1: Unit Testing for R.

  • {ggrepel} 0.9.0: Automatically Position Non-Overlapping Text Labels with ‘ggplot2’.

  • {tvthemes} 1.1.1: TV Show Themes and Color Palettes for ‘ggplot2’ Graphics

  • {plotly} Create Interactive Web Graphics via ‘plotly.js’

  • {ggstance} 0.3.5: Horizontal ‘ggplot2’ Components

  • {ggtext} 0.1.1: Improved Text Rendering Support for ‘ggplot2’

  • {bfsMaps} 0.9.6: Plot Maps from Switzerland by Swiss Federal Statistical Office

  • {broom} 0.7.3: Convert Statistical Objects into Tidy Tibbles

  • {psych} 2.0.12: Procedures for Psychological, Psychometric, and Personality Research

  • {rmarkdown} 2.6: Dynamic Documents for R

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