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 a diagrame showing that GitLab action launches a CI job, which runs a Docker container that performs a set of checks. The templated .gitlab-ci.yml file ensures that every course undergoes the same build process and quality-assurance checks. If the content passes these checks, and an eligible approver approves the changes, then the changes are merged into the main branch

R in the Real World

animate to see the evolution of house prices over time, color-coded the states by region. States in the Midwest are down in the lower left, posting slower overall growth and less growth relative to their mid-2000s peak. The Northeast is stuck in the middle, while the South and especially the west are up in the upper right, indicating they are both well above their mid-2000s peak and far above where they were in January 2000


New Packages

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  • {PINstimation} - PINstimation: A package for the estimation of models of probability of informed trading

  • {klassets} - a collection of functions to simulate data sets to teach how some Statistics Models and Machine Learning algorithms works

  • {ggcorset} - corset plots visualize the distribution of measurements at each time point.

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  • {tidyterra} 0.1.0: Tools for {terra} objects. Plot Spat* objects {ggplot2} and manipulate them with {dplyr} and {tidyr}.

Updated Packages

  • future 1.26.1 - future: Unified Parallel and Distributed Processing in R for Everyone

  • {ichimoku} 1.3.1: Visualization and Tools for Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Strategies

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topographic information of one of the volcanoes of Auckland (New Zealand) - Maungawhau / Mount Eden.

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