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a poster image by rstudio that shows the structure of a table which is table header, columns labeles, table body and table footer and likk them to cubic taht says GT

This is a summary of all images packed together in a small size described in the articles which is analysing Survivor

This poster by RStudio showing the logo of new package called vetiver. The logo is hexagon with brownish colour and black edges - inside the hexagon, there's a clay jar

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  • {mod2rm} 0.1.0: (Multi-)moderator analysis for two-instance repeated measures designs (cf. MEMORE for SPSS)

  • {xaringanExtra} 0.6.0: Extras and Extensions for ‘xaringan’ Slides

  • {gtExtras} 0.4.0: Provides additional functions for creating beautiful tables with ‘gt’.

  • {rock} 0.5.5: The Reproducible Open Coding Kit (rock) was developed to facilitate reproducible and open coding, specifically geared towards qualitative research methods

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flowcharts with {ggplot2} in brownish theme that has rectangles, text, and arrows - it's not a meaningful data but just an example of how to create flowcharts

This is taken from week 23 of Tidy Tuesday the chart - the dataset detailed pride sponsors that also contributed to anti-LGBTQ+ politicians. The rainbows with rainbow colours shows the company made the HRC business pledge and a neutral colour for the companies that hadn’t. There are 33 companies/rainbow but the font (names) isn't clear

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