Issue 22

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Running sparklyr – RStudio’s R Interface to Spark on Amazon EMR

The Grammar of Graphics and Radar Charts

Progress bar overhead comparisons

R in the Real World

Is Unemployment Higher under Labour or the Conservatives?

Exploring the effects of healthcare investment on child mortality in R

Rcpp now used by 800 CRAN packages

Estimating the value of a vehicle with R

R in Organization

Warsaw R-Ladies

  • The Team Data Science Process - As more and more organizations are setting up teams of data scientists to make sense of the massive amounts of data they collect, the need grows for a standardized process for managing the work of those teams.

The Team Data Science Process

R in Academia


Video and Podcast


New Releases

  • R Tools for Visual Studio 0.5 - the open-source Visual Studio add-in for R programmers.

  • DOM 0.3 - This version represents a major refactoring of the package code, including its user-facing API.

  • anytime 0.0.4 - Convert Any Input to Parsed Date or Datetime

  • gettz 0.0.2 - gettz provides a possible fallback in situations where Sys.timezone() fails to determine the system timezone.

New Packages & Tools

  • August Package Picks by Joseph Rickert - 141 new packages landed on CRAN in August. The following are my picks for the most interesting packages in four categories.

  • gpg - Encryption and Digital Signatures in R using GPG.

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core.

  • xtabs(~ exclude) no longer fails from wrong scope.

  • str(x)’s default method is more “accurate” and hence somewhat more generous in displaying character vectors; this will occasionally change R outputs (and need changes to some *.Rout(.save) files). For a classed integer vector such as x <- xtabs(~ c(1,9,9,9)), str(x) now shows both the class and "int", instead of only the latter.

  • Changes in R 3.3.2

Upcoming Events

  • rstudio::conf 2017 January 13 and 14, 2017
    The conference about all things R and RStudio.

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