Issue 7

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The ggthemr package – Theme and colour your ggplot figures

Combining ArcGIS and R - Clustering Toolbox

R in the Real World

Bridging The Political Polygons Gap with ggplot2

Animated world inequality map

A look at AirBnB demographics

Data Transparency Through Data: Building an MRR Forecasting Tool in R

R in Organization

R in Bioinformatics

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New Releases

New Packages & Tools

  • ttbbeer - US Beer Statistics from TTB.

  • clustermq - Send function calls as LSF jobs.

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core.

  • The method argument of sort.list(), order() and gains an "auto" option (the default) which should behave the same as before when method was left missing.

  • The plot method for ppr has enhanced default labels (xmin and main).

  • gains an explicit useHash option (with a back compatible default).

  • addNA() is faster now, e.g., when applied twice. (Part of PR#16895.)

  • Illegal factors, e.g., with duplicated levels (illegal but constructable) now give a warning when printed, via new function .valid.factor().

  • sessionInfo() has been updated for Apple’s change in OS naming as from 10.12 (macOS Sierra vs OS X El Capitan).

  • Its toLatex() method now includes the running component.

  • options("interrupt") can be used to specify a default action for user interrupts. For now, if this option is not set and the error option is set, then an unhandled user interrupt invokes the error option. This may be dropped in the future as interrupt conditions are not error conditions.

  • Radix sort is now the default algorithm for double vectors. It no longer rounds.

  • and stack.default preserve the names of empty elements in the levels of the ind column of the return value. Set the new drop argument to TRUE for the previous behavior.

Call for Participation


Upcoming Events

  • R Competition on education in South Africa 8 July - 21 August

  • EARL 2016 London 13 September - 15 Septemberth
    The primary focus of the Conference is the commercial usage of R across a range of industry sectors with the aim of sharing knowledge and applications of the language.

  • eRum 2016 Poznan, Poland 12 October - 14 October
    European R users meeting (eRum) is an international conference that aims at integrating users of the R language. eRum 2016 will be a good chance to exchange experiences, broaden knowledge on R and collaborate.

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