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  • dplyr 0.5 - This is a big release with a heap of new features and many bug fixes.

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Making “Time Rivers” in R

R in the Real World

40 years of investing returns in the S&P500, with dividends and inflation, based on historical data

Shifting Incomes for American Jobs

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RMarkdown and Mtheme

  • sparklyr - R interface for Apache Spark. Docs page is here.

  • simcausal - Simulating Longitudinal and Network Data with Causal Inference Applications. Extensive vignette is here.

  • tmlenet - Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Network Data.

  • stremr - Streamlined Estimation of Survival for Static, Dynamic and Stochastic Treatment and Monitoring Regimes.

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  • EARL 2016 London September 13th-15th
    The primary focus of the Conference is the commercial usage of R across a range of industry sectors with the aim of sharing knowledge and applications of the language.

useR! 2016

You can also read the up to date R Weekly UseR! 2016 Edition.


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