R Weekly 2022-W27

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R in the Real World

Building a Kaggle Leaderboard with gtExtras

R in Organizations

R in Academia


Level Up Your Labels: Tips and Tricks for Annotating Plots

New Packages

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  • {bonsai} 0.1.0: A new parsnip extension package for tree-based models is now on CRAN

  • {bandit} 0.5.1: Functions for Simple a/B Split Test and Multi-Armed Bandit Analysis

  • {RcppColors} 0.1.0: β€˜C++’ Header Files for Color Conversion and Color Mappings

  • {RcppCensSpatial} 0.3.0: Spatial Estimation and Prediction for Censored/Missing Responses

  • {bayeslm} 1.0.1: Efficient Sampling for Gaussian Linear Regression with Arbitrary Priors

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How to do Twitter Network Analysis and Visualization in R

What To Do (And Not to Do) with Modeling Proportions/Fractional Outcomes

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