R Weekly 2022-W21 Software Dev Resources, R Markdown Tips, and gistillery

This weekโ€™s release was curated by Eric Nantz, with help from the R Weekly team members and contributors.



Eurovision with ggplot2

R in Academia

  • Marginalia: A guide to figuring out what the heck marginal effects, marginal slopes, average marginal effects, marginal effects at the mean, and what all these other maginal things are.


New Packages

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SoundShape image

designer demo

GitHub or Bitbucket

  • gistillery: Take local code, send it to a Github gist, get a beautiful image from, and make it ready to share!

gistillery image

  • dcflights21: An R package supplying data on out-bound flights from airports serving Washington, DC in 2021

  • ggtips: Adds interactive tooltip boxes to ggplots (standalone or rendered in Shiny)

ggtips image

  • flyCSV: Check your data frame as CSV on the fly

Updated Packages

Videos and Podcasts

Shiny Apps


R Project Updates

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