R Weekly 2018-52 tidyverse, r-lib



Advent of Code: Most Popular Languages

R in the Real World

Clustering Bruce Springsteen albums with spotifyr

Word associations from the Small World of Words


New Packages

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November 2018: "Top 40" New Packages

Updated Packages

  • BH 1.69.0-0 - pre-releases and three required changes

  • linl 0.0.3 - A LaTeX Letter class for rmarkdown

  • Spelling 2.0 - Improved Markdown and RStudio Support

  • lobstr 1.0.0 - Visualising R data structures with trees

  • readxl 1.2.0 - The readxl package makes it easy to get data out of Excel and into R

  • httr 1.4.0 - A wrapper for the curl package, customised to the demands of modern web APIs


h3jsr: Probably should have learned more JavaScript instead >.>

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