R Weekly 2019-06 Workshop, Cookbook




R in the Real World

Multiple Data (Time Series) Streams Clustering

Developing a package to analyze data of the hospital morbidity survey

R in Organizations

BBC Visual and Data Journalism cookbook for R graphics

R in Academia

New Packages

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  • tsfeatures - provides methods for extracting various features from time series data.

  • readabs - Download, import, and tidy time series data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

  • olsrr - a set of tools for improved output from linear regression models, designed keeping in mind beginner/intermediate R users.

GitHub or Bitbucket

  • whiteboxR - whitebox R package for geospatial analysis, which is an R frontend of a stand-alone executable command-line program called WhiteboxTools

  • shutterstock-r - Access Shutterstock API from R

Updated Packages

cartography vignette extract

Gist & Cookbook


Performance benchmarks by core - programming

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