R Weekly 2018-41 Video, r2d3, SQL


R in Organizations

R in the Real World

Visualizing the Weather in Japan: A Sweltering Summer Story!

Rent-scraping: How I saved money using R



New Packages

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  • r2d3 - R Interface to D3 Visualizations

R Interface to D3 Visualizations

  • outcomerate - Transparent Communication of Quality in Social Surveys

  • av - Production Quality Video in R

  • tinkr - editing Markdown documents using XML tools

GitHub or Bitbucket

  • caseconverter - RStudio Addin to convert text cases to lower, upper, snake, and camel cases

Package Releases


How Big Should the Control Group Be in a Randomized Field Experiment?

Short and sweet: temperature variability with ggridges πŸ“¦

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