R Weekly 2018-37 Shiny, tidytext


R in Organizations

R in the Real World

Who wrote the anti-Trump New York Times op-ed? Using tidytext to find document similarity


Package Releases


Custom themes in ggplot2

What are these birds? Complement occurrence data with taxonomy and traits information

How to Build a Shiny "Truck"

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • As an experimental feature, when codeloadNamespace fails because the requested package is not available the error is initially signaled with a retry_loadNamespace restart available. This allows a calling handler to try to install the package and continue.

  • var(f) and hence sd(f) now give an error for factor arguments; they gave a warning since R 3.2.3, PR#16564.

  • next(n) now also works for larger n and no longer loops infinitely for e.g, n <- 214e7.

  • Many package not found errors are now signaled as errors of class packageNotFoundError.

  • Fork cluster could hang due to a race condition in cluster initialization (makeCluster()).

  • .Deprecated now signals a warning of class deprecatedWarning, and .Defunct now signals an error of class defunctError.

  • New functions errorCondition and warningCondition provide a convenient way to create structured error and warning objects.

  • On Windows, socketSelect would hang with more than 64 sockets, and hence parallel::clusterApplyLB would hang with more than 64 workers.

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