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Differences in Word Use Across Music Genres in Pitchfork Album Reviews


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Radix for R Markdown

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Multiple color (and fill) scales with ggplot2

Interactive plots in Shiny

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • sQuote() and dQuote() get an explicit q argument with obvious default instead of using getOption("fancyQuotes") implicitly and unconditionally.

  • lm.influence(), influence.measures(), rstudent() etc now work (more) correctly for multivariate models ("mlm"), thanks to (anonymous) stackoverflow remarks.

  •, *, replace=TRUE) again behaves as documented and as in R < 3.0.0, namely identically to, ..).

  • download.file(*, method = "curl", cacheOK = FALSE) should work now on Windows, thanks to Kevin Ushey’s patch in PR#17323.

  • Fixes to convertColor() for chromatic adaptation; thanks to Brodie Gaslam PR#17473.

  • nextn(n) now also works for larger n and no longer loops infinitely for e.g, n <- 214e7.

  • In .col(dim) and .row(dim), dim now may also be an integer valued "double".

  • cooks.distance() and rstandard() now work correctly for multivariate models ("mlm").

  • polym() and corresponding lm() prediction now also work for a boundary “vector” case fixing PR#17474, reported by Alexandre Courtiol.

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