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What's the difference between data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence?

Videos and Podcasts

  • Whole game. Hadley Wickham briefly showing the “whole game” of data analysis. See code and data at

  • Speaking in Tech #291 -Data Naked This week Peter, Josh and Melissa are joined by Ariel Zane (@lariebyrd), Health Sciences Analyst at MSC. Together they discuss Trump website issues, Amazon’s Linux 2 release, Microsoft’s latest acquisition, Specter/Meltdown and all things Data Science.

  • NSSD 52 - Expense Reporting Masterpiece: Hilary and Roger welcome the new year by discussing Excel (again), why talking to people who generate data matters, meditation and neuroscience, and trust vs. quality in data analysis.

R in the Real World

Exploring Aviation Accidents from 1908 through the Present

Analysing particular matter emission during New Year's Eve

Quantitative Story Telling with Shiny: Gender Bias in Syllabi

The Brazilian post office and R

A tidy game of life


 R in Academia

New Packages

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  • tsibble - Provides a data class of tbl_ts to store and manage temporal-context data frames in a tidy manner.

  • rsam - Provides a command line and user interface to manage RStudio addins.

  • pmap - Process Map Visualization in R.

  • nbastatR - A package to help you master the NBA data universe in R.

  • PostcodesioR - free UK postcode lookup and geocoder

  • cloudml - R Interface to Google CloudML


  • prrd - Parallel Running [of] Reverse Depends

Package Releases

R Internationally


Deep Learning With Keras To Predict Customer Churn

[How to] Include a dancing banana in your R package documentation

Simulating a cost-effectiveness analysis to highlight new functions for generating correlated data

Gist & Cookbook

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • mclapply(X, mc.cores) now follows its documentation and calls lapply() in case mc.cores = 1 also in the case mc.preschedule is false.

  • Non-UTF-8 multibyte character handling fixed more permanently (PR#16732).

  • sum(<large ints>, <stuff>) is more consistent.

  • rf() and rbeta() now also work correctly when ncp is not scalar, notably when (partly) NA.

  • dput(), deparse() and dump() now print the names() information only once, using the more readable (tag = value) syntax, notably for list()s, i.e., including data frames.

  • These functions gain a new control option "niceNames" (see .deparseOpts()), which when set (as by default) also uses the (tag = value) syntax for atomic vectors. On the other hand, without deparse options "showAttributes" and "niceNames", names are no longer shown also for lists. as.character(list( c (one = 1))) now includes the name, as as.character(list(list(one = 1))) has always done.

  • m:n now also deparses nicely when m > n.

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