R Weekly 2018-2 Research, Field Guide, Data Science



My favourite R package for: summarising data

R in the Real World

Redrafting the 2017 Fantasy Football draft

Solar panel analysis pt 3: Scanning for objects

How do election observers write about elections? A `tidytext` analysis

Self-driving cars and the impact of Motor Accidents on Mortality

Traffic collisions in Belgrade

R in Organizations

 R in Academia

New Packages

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  • rspivot - Shiny gadget for RStudio for viewing data frames

  • tidypredict - run predictions inside the database

  • attempt - a friendlier condition handler, inspired by ‘purrr’ mappers and based on ‘rlang’.

Package Releases

R Internationally


An R/rtweet edition of Matthew A. Russell's Python Twitter Recipes Book


Using gganimate and tweenr to animate a tSNE plot

SEC non-conference play

Gist & Cookbook


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Quotes of the Week

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • R CMD check with environment variable _R_CHECK_DEPENDS_ONLY_ set to a true value makes test-suite-management packages available and (for the time being) works around a common omission of rmarkdown from the VignetteBuilder field.

  • R CMD check now also applies the settings of environment variables _R_CHECK_SUGGESTS_ONLY_ and _R_CHECK_DEPENDS_ONLY_ to the re-building of vignettes.

  • New warnErrList() utility (from package nlme, improved).

  • R CMD build checks for GNU cp rather than assuming Linux has it.

  • configure works harder to set additional flags in SAFE_FFLAGS only where necessary.

  • In rare circumanstances it may be necessary to override the setting of SAFE_FFLAGS.

  • By default the (arbitrary) signs of the loadings from princomp() are chosen so the first element is non-negative.

  • If --default-packages is not used, then Rscript now checks the environment variable R_SCRIPT_DEFAULT_PACKAGES. If this is set, then it takes precedence over R_DEFAULT_PACKAGES. If default packages are not specified on the command line or by one of these environment variables, then Rscript now uses the same default packages as R. For now, the previous behavior of dropping methods can be restored by setting the environment variable R_SCRIPT_LEGACY to yes.

  • When a package is found more than once, the warning from find.package(*, verbose=TRUE) lists all library locations.

  • NAMEDMAX has been raised to 3 to allow protection of intermediate results from (usually ill-advised) assignments in arguments to BUILTIN functions. Package C code using SET_NAMED may need to be revised.

  • Non-UTF-8 multibyte character handling fixed more permanently.