R Weekly 2017-29 learnr, useR! 2017 Videos


UseR! 2017


R in the Real World

County eBirding: web scraping and web mapping in R

R in Organizations


New Packages

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  • ggshape - Arrange ‘ggplot’ facets in arbitrary shapes


  • ggjoy - Geoms to make joy plots using ggplot2

  • llr - Lisp like R

  • tidyweb - Easily Install and Load Modern Web-Scraping Packages

  • learnr - Turn any R Markdown document into an interactive tutorial

  • postlightmercury - Asynchronous API calls

  • sweep - Extending broom for time series forecasting

  • ergastR - R Wrapper for ergast F1 Results Data API

Package Releases

R Internationally


Using the iGraph package to Analyse the Enron Corpus

Interactive sunbuRst graphs in Power BI

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • debug() supports debugging of methods on any "genericFunction", including group generics.

  • The default for tools::write_PACKAGES(rds_compress=) has been changed to "xz" to match the compression used by CRAN.

  • packageDescription() tries harder to solve re-encoding issues, notably seen in some Windows locales. This fixes the citation() issue in PR#17291.

  • model.matrix(~1, mf) now gets the row names from mf also when they differ from 1:nrow(mf), fixing PR#14992 thanks to the suggestion by Sebastian Meyer.

  • rt() assumed the ncp parameter was a scalar.

Upcoming Events

  • RStudio conf 2018 January 31 to February 3
    rstudio::conf is about all things R and RStudio! Register & More infos

  • useR! 2018 July 10, 2018
    The annual useR! conference is the main meeting of the international R user and developer community.

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