Issue 3

Hello and welcome to the new issue of R Weekly!


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Bootstrap and cross-validation for evaluating modelling strategies

R in the Real World

Text and Sentiment Analysis with Trump, Clinton, Sanders Twitter data

Interactive network of RePEc economists on Twitter

R in Organization

R in Academia

R Passes SAS in Scholarly Use (finally)

Rootograms a new way to assess count models

R for Fun

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New Releases

  • BetaBit - Frequency analysis challenge console-based game

  • fodr - An R package to access French Open Data portals.

  • haven - Conversion semantics - Better support for SPSS/Stata/SAS NAs + labels in haven.

  • sunburstR - With more precise color control for coord.


  • bdvis - Visualize completeness of biodiversity data.

New Packages & Tools

  • shinytoastr - Notifications in shiny apps via toastr.js


  • idbr on CRAN - access the US Census Bureau International Data Base in R

  • ggplot1 - ggplot1 is mostly made available out of historical interest, to illustrate how Hadley thinking about API design in R has evolved over the years.

  • manhattanly - interactive plots for manhattan and Q-Q plots.


  • rbhl - R interface to the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) API.

  • rprev - Simulating disease prevalence estimates.

  • gdeltr2 - R interface to the data stores and APIs of The GDELT Project.

  • googleway - Retrieves data from Google Maps APIs.


  • HIBPwned - Bindings for the Data Breach API.

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core.

  • diff(<difftime>) now keeps the "units" attribute, as subtraction already did, PR#16940.

  • extSoftVersion() now reports the version (if any) of the readline library in use. And some other patches about readline library.

  • as<-() avoids an infinite loop when a virtual class is interposed between a subclass and an actual superclass.

  • Fix S3 dispatch on S4 objects when the methods package is not attached.

  • Internal S4 dispatch sets .Generic in the method frame for consistency with standardGeneric(), PR#16929.

  • Fix order(x, decreasing=TRUE) when x is an integer vector containing MAX_INT. Ported from a fix Matt Dowle made to data.table.

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Quote of the Week

Twitter @ Sam Firke

Just realized that tidyr (#rstats package for cleaning dirty data) is an anagram of β€œdirty”. Whoa.


Twitter @ Karl Broman

Summer reading. #rstats (click the link to read more)

Twitter @ James Curley

CRAN submit help: 1. @hadleywickham - 2. @kwbroman - 3. @xieyihui !