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R in Organizations

R in the Real World


From scratch implementation of a one hidden-layer neural network.

New Packages

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  • hexmapr - Algorithmic generation of gridded maps. Assigning polygons to gridded regions automatically.


  • egg - Extensions for ‘ggplot2’, to Align Plots, and Set Panel Sizes

  • ggpipe - ggplot with the pipe

  • ggeasy - ggplot2 shortcuts (transformations made easy)

  • shinymaterial - Implements Material Design in Shiny Applications

Package Releases


You beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn series

Introduction to Visualizing Asset Returns

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • CRAN Policy Change new rev3760

  • dput(), etc now print the names() information only once, using the more readable (tag = value) syntax, notably for list()s, i.e., including data frames. These functions gain a new control option "niceNames" (see .deparseOpts()), which when set (as by default) also uses the (tag = value) syntax for atomic vectors. OTOH, without deparse options "showAttributes" and "niceNames", names are no longer shown also for lists.

  • m:n now also deparses nicely when m > n.

  • The printing of named raw vectors is now formatted nicely as for other such atomic vectors, thanks to Lukas Stadler.

  • attach(*, pos = 1) is now an error instead of a warning.

  • coef() methods also gain a complete = TRUE optional argument for consistency with vcov().

Upcoming Events

  • RStudio conf 2018 January 31 to February 3
    rstudio::conf is about all things R and RStudio!

  • satRday Cape Town 2018 March 17
    satRday Cape Town

  • R/Finance 2018 June 1 and 2
    Applied Finance with R.

  • 7eme Rencontres R 5 & 6 July 2018
    Rennes - Agrocampus

  • useR! 2018 July 10, 2018
    The annual useR! conference is the main meeting of the international R user and developer community.

More past events at R conferences & meetups.

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