R Weekly 2018-10 Dependencies, Gun Control



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  • tailr — Automatic translation of tail-recursive functions into looping functions.

  • crypto - cryptocurrency market data

  • dockerfiler - Easy Dockerfile Creation

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Comparing 2017 Maine Lobster Landings To Historical Landings

The Stoneman Douglas event resulted in the most Wikipedia page views

Mapping how Staten Island voted in 2016 (and what it might mean for 2018)


Exploring Estimates of the Tuberculosis Case Fatality Ratio - with getTBinR

The TAMU Theme for xaringan

Annotating phylogenetic tree with images using ggtree and ggimage

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • The declaratation of pythag() in Rmath.h has been removed - it has not been provided since R 2.14.0.

  • C99 functions expm1, hypot and log1p are now required.

  • R CMD INSTALL now correctly sets C++ compiler flags when all source files are in sub-directories of src.

  • scale.default(x, center, scale) now also allows center or scale to be “numeric-alike”, i.e., such that as.numeric(.) coerces them correctly. This also eliminates a wrong error message in such cases.

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