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R in the Real World

St. Paul park users love to bike, but not to fish!

ghidoRah the three headed monsteR

R in Organizations


New Packages

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  • modelsummary - Beautiful, customizable, publication-ready model summaries in R.


Updated Packages

  • corrr 0.4.0 - corrr is a package for exploring correlations in R

corrr 0.4.0

Videos and Podcasts


ggparty: Graphic Partying

Quick Hit: A Different (Diminutive) Look At Distributions With {ggeconodist}

Dotplot – the single most useful yet largely neglected dataviz type

Aggregating spatial data with the grainchanger package

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

Upcoming Events in 3 Months

Events in 3 Months:

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